Alert, alert, 3 mile island caused bad thyroid cancer, really for real

This report is crap–but it is reported as a phenomenon that is associated with the non event at 3 mile island.

Let’s see if I can repeat it loud enough. A Cancer Cluster is not proof of anything, even if Jane Fonda says so.

However why not float a trial balloon when you don’t have anything to do but data dredge. Note the real incidence of the more malignant thyroid cancer is 5% and now we have a relative risk of 10%???? No, not really, rate of the Hurthle form is increased from %% to 10% in this sample, but the researchers have no information on exposure or that there was any exposure, since there was never any evidence of environmental discharge of radioactive material–so the researchers just have a variation in the rate of the cancer.

A similar sampliing and analysis might show the variation in rate of the Hurthle type cancer in another population–which we could call normal variability. They call it what?

4 responses to “Alert, alert, 3 mile island caused bad thyroid cancer, really for real

  1. Sorry to burst your bubble. Three Mile Island leaked coolant and vented radioactive iodine. Your claim that “there was never any evidence of environmental discharge of radioactive material” is dead wrong. Doesn’t jibe with my memory of news reports at the time. Doesn’t jibe with Wikipedia. I’m not saying there was enough of a leak to amount to anything. There were leaks of radioactive gases to the environment at TMI.

  2. zatso, mr. jake–looks like you waffled a little there toward the end.

    And in fact my point that there was no significant,leak is still true–and you are quibbling jake–Why? There was no leak that could be considered a cause of a cancer. You know it.

    You think that there was a leak enough for these people to claim a thyroid cancer cluster, or just making sure you look smart and you can show there was some radioactive iodine leak claimed.

  3. As a follow up, Mr. Jake

    World Nuclear Association discusses at their 3 mile island incident the venting, No mention of the Wiki iodine claims.

    Cooling Restored, radioactive releases to air

    By late afternoon, operators began high-pressure injection of water into the reactor cooling system to increase pressure and to collapse steam bubbles. By 7:50 pm on 28 March, they restored forced cooling of the reactor core when they were able to restart one reactor coolant pump. They had condensed steam so that the pump could run without severe vibrations.
    Radioactive gases from the reactor cooling system built up in the makeup tank in the auxiliary building. During March 29 and 30, operators used a system of pipes and compressors to move the gas to waste gas decay tanks. The compressors leaked, and some radioactive gas was released to the environment. These went through high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters and charcoal filters which removed most of the radionuclides, except for the noble gases, the estimated total of which was about 370 PBq (the Kemeny Commission said ‘a maximum of 480 PBq noble gases’ and NRC also quotes 1.6 PBq of krypton rlelease in July). With short half-life and being biologically inert, these did not pose a health hazard.

    That my point, Jake, no health threatening releases occurred.

    Tell me true, Jake–are you a troll from the dark side, and afraid, deathly afraid of nuclear energy?

    If so, there is therapy available. i won’t provide it, but I know those who will.

  4. Who is hedging now? Simple fact, the accident at Three Mile Island leaked radioactive material. Your original statement to the contrary is still wrong. Glad to see that you now admit your error. I made no claim that the radioactive leak caused any problems as said so upfront. If I see an error on this site, I will point it out.

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