Viv gets another hit

Viv Forbes makes sense again on climate and enviro issues.

The only add I would make on his discussion of the Mercury scare is another monster poisoning occurred in Iraq many years ago because of contamination of wheat in Basra.

However the mercury poisoning in Minimata was repeated in other cities in Japan, and the mercury was in fish, not shellfish, from what I have read.

Mercury is a heavy metal and has terrible effects in industrial strength poisoning, but mercury is a trace in he environment and that bad incidents were unique, that’s why we always here about Basra and Minimata.

4 responses to “Viv gets another hit

  1. The EPA does demand that mercury be trapped from dental offices. For years it was unregulated. I also remember playing with elemental mercury as a child, as did most people my age. Dentists used to use squeeze cloths with bare hands to remove excess mercury before placing the amalgam, without any ill affects.

  2. So, now we will have to get rid of all those CFLs that they encouraged us to buy?

  3. Yes in favor or LED bulbs at 5 times the cost. Your house will be declared polluted and the hazards waste people will take over.
    Show me the people damaged by mercury this year! I bet there are none.
    Follow the money.

    • I am switching to LEDs. I prefer the color to CFL and I can’t get CFLs to last more than about 18 months at the most. We were told they would outlast incandescent bulbs by 10 – BS!

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