The Europeans like our carbon (CO2) cuts

But the European Union thinks we should do more.  I guess they don’t think the Administration is doing enough to destroy the economy? Reuters reports that the EU likes the EPA proposed “carbon cuts” but thinks that they don’t go far enough.  I suppose misery loves company or wants others more miserable than they are. The EU has had significant drops in GHG emissions at a cost of almost wrecking the Spanish economy and others.  Also, the EU unemployment rate is at 11.9%.  Do more?  Be like Europe? Really?

3 responses to “The Europeans like our carbon (CO2) cuts

  1. the Europeans still think that; the ”globe” is spinning / orbiting around Europe…?

  2. No Stefan, we think the “globe” is spinning / orbiting around a few very rich corporations which are controlled by some mega rich powerful people (some based in the US).
    Our populations are being lead to serve them by our ‘glorious leaders’ & most of the sheeple will comply if they are told a scary story & your lot are doing exactly the same…cos it works.

    It is a very dangerous world, when politics trump science.

    If you want to know the future….read history, start with 1930s Germany & work backwards.

  3. Isn’t just astounding how world over just how often liberals apparently read the planet’s destiny in their tea leaves, concoct a fantasy, then trip over the the reality of the laws of nature and then experience a face first introduction to the real world — and even then they never learn because they who are the true believers in fantastic utopianism can always find another utopian fantasy written somewhere in more tea leaves or chicken entrails or sawdust piles or the stars — or somewhere.

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