McCarthy: it’s just a proposal

Gina McCarthy says significant changes are possible in the latest coal power plant regulations. According to Bloomberg, McCarthy is waiting for “everyone to come to the table and roll their sleeves up.”  If the states can’t meet the goals then there is an opening for significant changes.  I suppose all rules in the proposed stage are open to modification.  I’ve seen rules be substantially modified based on comment and I’ve seen the EPA ignore comment that didn’t approve of the rule and their own Science Advisory Board because they knew they were right.  Since this rule is based more on “moral obligation” than hard science, Ms. McCarthy’s flexibility and willingness to modify depends on your point of view and I bet the regulated community will find EPA rather inflexible.

Ms. McCarthy believes that 26% of the cuts can come by 2020.  It’s pretty obvious that Ms. McCarthy has never been through a planning, permitting and building cycle and sees no real need to be connected to reality.  Title V non-PSD permits are taking 1.5 years and a PSD permit took 2.5 years.  These were not for major, gigawatt-scale, power plants.

This is all about climate change, but EPA doesn’t seem to want to use the number of degrees of global temperature reduction this rule will achieve.

2 responses to “McCarthy: it’s just a proposal

  1. Coach Springer

    It’s a proposal that offers two scenarios of implementation. The alternatives are essentially similar and one will be implemented. Illusion of choice.

  2. Hank de Carbonel

    Hey! It’s the only proposal she ever got. Nobody else is as dim.

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