If they can really get rid of kudzu, being overrun with goats might be a benefit. The Richmond Times Dispatch reports on kudzu removal by goats.  If you are from the Southeast, you usually the word kudzu is usually preceded and followed by words not suitable for polite society or the dinner table.  I’m not sure how many goats it would take, but if it works I’m all for it.

3 responses to “Goatscaping

  1. from the text, they’re using 20 goats per acre and it’s slow going.
    To clear the south in a few months then, you’d need tens of millions of goats.

    That’s one big shish kebab, now where’s that garlic sauce? ;)

  2. I use goats to clear overgrown brush around the house here in the woods of Arkansas. They don’t cost much. I only paid $40 per goat, and are generally maintenance free. When the winter comes they provide meat and little ones that cover the cost of feed as they are sold off.

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