SSI encourages life long dependency by junky lenient psych medical determinations

Supplemental Security Income (SSI) is good intentions gone bad, expanding the welfare state and inappropriately creating dependency on lenient definitions of disability.

Cradle to grave welfare programs with more access. Now the disabilities are expanded in number and the threshold for determining disability lower.

If a child has a mental disability, SSI is possible.

Dependency because the definition of disability expands–and medicalization occurs, particularly psych and social/psych problems, producing a way to expand the disability roles and the welfare state.

We now have more people dependent than working–and this is one way it happens. SSI starts ’em young.

7 responses to “SSI encourages life long dependency by junky lenient psych medical determinations

  1. luisadownunder

    I am on a disability benefit but I would do anything not to be.
    I only went down that route when we became homeless.
    I am doing everything I can to be back in the workforce and not have to rely on this benefit.
    My children all do very well now and work very hard and were it not for them I would have to also rely on public housing.
    It’s in the eye of the beholder, really: if you’re a lazy good for nothing then that’s what you look for first – welfare benefits – otherwise, it’s a last resort.

  2. I paid my 40 quarters and my civil service retirement is part of Social Security.
    Because of the oh so generous people that were “protecting my retirement investment”, I will likely see nothing by the time I retire.

    My sympathy has also been hijacked.
    Whoever is receiving the monies slated for those that paid in without paying in themselves is using the government to steal from those that paid.

    If it is a choice between me starving or them, they should starve.
    But they won’t because Americans are the most generous people on this earth.

    • luisadownunder

      I hear you, Pat. And that is the greatest tragedy.

      I was 52 when things started going pear-shaped with my health and I had difficulty working. I still had children at school. I used up all my savings, begged and borrowed before circumstances forced my hand.

      The onus, of course, should have been on the children’s father but he managed to get good lawyers and I got nothing. The state should have the power, under these circumstances, to confiscate his properties and all his accounts. The government should not allow a person to live the high life while those that depended on them are consigned to the welfare heap.

      I don’t write this lightly. I am ashamed to be a ‘welfare recipient’ and my goal is to return to work so I am no longer a burden on the public teat, but many do consider it a right of passage from the earliest opportunity and, since the 70s (here in Australia, at least), it has become an inherited birth right.

      • Luisa, the sad truth here in Amerika is that the program should work for instances just like yours – a temporary lifeline until one can re-establish their lives. However what has happened is that it has become an alternative to work and the system rewards those who abuse the system. For instance, if a single mother wants to increase her income, the easiest way to do so is to have another child. The children have then grown up learning that they are ‘victims’ and that the gov’t owes them money, like their parent (generally, there is only one parent present). They learn to game the system and now there is an entire black market economy based on the trade of welfare and food stamps coupled usually with the trade of illegal drugs.

        It is much easier here to play the system than to put in the hard work to get ahead. Instead of breaking this cycle, our spineless politicians play to it for votes, making it easier and more profitable to game the system. This unfortunately will come crashing down as the country goes bankrupt and we can no longer provide ANY services for anyone, regardless of real need.

        Before someone labels me as racist, please understand the issue is socio-economic, not racial.

  3. luisadownunder

    Well, we elected a right-wing government last year and it looks like the pot of gold will be drying up for many.

    Hopefully, they can stand firm against the barrage from the ideologues in the left-wing media and all their cronies.

    • Good on you! Hope it works out, maybe it will help some of our congressweasels to grow a spine. We have no truly conservative statesmen in America anymore.

  4. J’ai trouvé ton site web par chance et je ne le regrette
    pas !!!

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