Naval algae

The Navy is supporting biofuel algae research in order to reduce the cost of green fuel.  Do green ships project sea power?The Navy is supporting research at Arizona State University aimed at reducing the cost of biofuel to around $3.50/gallon.  The Navy’s objectives are 10%-50% biofuel in its fuel mix.  I’m hard pressed to see how using a limited production fuel like biofuel instead of a readily available fuel from petroleum enhances readiness or the real mission of the Navy.  Sooner or later, if we keep plugging money into biofuel from algae, we may get a process that is almost economical.

4 responses to “Naval algae

  1. The biofuel-from-algae tech is pretty immature, and like other technologies, requires taking a lot of acres away from Mother Nature for another use. On a per-calorie basis, an oil well produces far more energy per acre than algae *ever* will.

  2. I have serious doubts. Water and power requirements to grow and process algae will drive the cost well past the target. Biofuels make sense only if you ignore costs and count subsidies. In short: NOT.

  3. Hank de Carbonel

    I know of a swamp back East that is choking in algae.I am certain the environment would be greatly improved by eliminating the algae and slime. All it would cost is a few slips of paper. The “science” is settled.

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