More on newly discovered species

I mentioned this a couple of weeks ago–of course the “consensus” is that biodiversity is threatened by those damn human beans.

I think Mother Nature, if she is a she, is laughing at our arrogance when we talk and write and fret about our impact on the planet.

This past week the drought in Texas was ended by a big weather event and if you look at the clouds and feel the rolling thunder, you have to laugh at the IPCC and their theory that humans are causing terrible climate changes. We are top of the pyramid, but that’s the living things pyramid–then there’s the Universe displayed and expanding at an unimaginable rate, new galaxies made, according to astrophysicists, at an amazing rate. Maybe parallel universes too. I need a nap.

One response to “More on newly discovered species

  1. A modern trope of the Green Left which is endlessly wearisome is the claimed “loss of biodiversity” which is supposedly the result of “mass extinctions” caused by “the Anthropocene”. This claim is often accompanied by a claim that species are going extinct at the rate of X per year. These are of course wild exaggerations, because these species involved are all unnamed and unknown.

    In fact, the rate of discovery of new species is vastly greater than the rate of actual documented extinctions. And it happens often enough that species actually found to have gone extinct are rediscovered — and were not extinct after all.

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