Jack Cashill provides some insight into Elliott the killer

In a book What’s the Matter with California(2007) Jack Cashill PhD Purdue, editor, investigative reporter, essayist, exposed the pustule that is growing on California.

Here at JunkScience.com we have discussed criminal behavior and personality disorders. I have warned you about what I see as a jail doc–a stunted, drug addled bunch who in many cases as young men develop a great affection for porn and fail to develop normal social control and skills.

The thing that struck me most about Jack’s book, a take off on a Lib’s book deploring old fashionedness in Kansas, is that he tells of just how sick California was in the 80s. His exegesis of California psychopathology and cultural decline augured what was is now the malignancy that can be traced to nihilism and self indulgence.

Here Jack explains how Elliott Rodgers, creep, personality disorder, spoiled brat, porn and screen game player, morphed into a monster who could kill.

Surely you can see why this is no surprise after reading what Jack has found and considering his analysis.

Elliott, like most personality disorders of the Group B type, narcissists, histrionics, borderlines, sociopaths, thought that he was special and not subject to the rules about living in a society. He never learned to play with others in a civilized considerate manner. He had no conscience, as we know it–his executive functions were focused on what he wanted. He was enabled by others, his parents in particular, never was forced to deal with his lack of proper conduct and consideration for others. He was a loner because he was dysfunctional. He was crazy only in that he operated by rules no one would consider proper. Pay no attention to the business about Aspergers, he was a sociopath and lack of social skills from mental limitations like Aspergerers (a currently very fashionable high function variant supposedly of Autism) is different from sociopathy of the personality disorder type.

Psychologists and Psychiatrists vary a great deal in the critical attribute of common sense, so some are pretty effective, some make things worse.


5 responses to “Jack Cashill provides some insight into Elliott the killer

  1. There is a very important distinction between sociopaths and people with Aspergers’ Syndrome.
    Aspies are ‘autistic’ in the sense that they have difficulty understanding other peoples feelings. Aspies’ own emotions are not strongly reflected in their body language or facial expressions, so they cannot readily connect others’ facial expressions to their emotions.
    Sociopaths simply don’t care about other people’s feelings.

  2. Prisons are full of people with ego problems.

    • Coach Springer

      Agreed. The pustule is self indulgence as a cause. Sex, drugs, welfare, grievance and entitlement have great political power though. The behavior in question is a product – not just a byproduct – of that system. Progressives make these things righteous and promise them in return for your freedom and your responsibility.

  3. “… narcissists, histrionics, borderlines, sociopaths, thought that he was special and not subject to the rules about living in a society.”

    A scary thought: What if someone with those credentials was placed in a very high governmental position with the power to order others to kill or be killed?

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