It’s Rachel Carson’s (or would be) her 107th birthday…

And it seems there are at least some people who agree with our esteemed founder here that Ms. Carson’s sycophants really need a rude awakening:


4 responses to “It’s Rachel Carson’s (or would be) her 107th birthday…

  1. she certainly killed more people than Che…


    Carson was The FIRST Environmental-Terrorist, The Queen Of Junk Science, and One Of The Great Mass Killers In Recent History. Rachel Carson recklessly wrote the notorious anti-pesticide book entitled Silent Spring while she was stricken and dying with breast cancer, which was diagnosed in spring 1960. While writing the book, she underwent radical mastectomy in April 1960, as well as radiation treatment. Given her own terminal state of health, Carson decided to WAIL ENDLESSLY about the supposed risks of chemicals in the environment, specifically DDT insecticide. In the minds of many observers, there is no doubt that Carson’s illness tainted her views regarding chemicals. It is a known fact that while a person is dying due to a disease, the human mind often attempts to link the reason for the disease with a specific event or blunder. Consequently, Silent Spring was scientifically inaccurate. Moreover, Carson had no competent background, training, or expertise in matters concerning pest control products. She was NOT COMPETENT to discuss pest control products. In fact, Carson can only be described as a mere zoologist, spinster, and cancer victim. With the passage of time, it has become clear that Silent Spring was SEVERELY FLAWED. Most of the allegations in Silent Spring were ultimately shown to be SCIENTIFICALLY INACCURATE and FILLED WITH JUNK SCIENCE. Some observers maintain that Silent Spring was approximately two-thirds INCORRECT, and hence only one-third correct. Carson has been described as a LYING FEMALE JACKAL, and A PARANOID, LYING CHEMOPHOBE WHO PAVED THE WAY FOR KILLING MILLIONS OF INNOCENTS on continents like Africa. Because of their CONSPIRACY TO PROHIBIT DDT INSECTICIDE, Carson and her followers have been held accountable for KILLING MORE PEOPLE THAN HITLER. For more information regarding Carson, go to The Pesticide Truths Web-Site … NORAHG is the National Organization Responding Against HUJE that seek to harm the Green space industry. WILLIAM H. GATHERCOLE AND NORAH G. Get the latest details at The Pesticide Truths Web-Site and go to The Complete Library Of Web-Pages, Reports, & References.

  3. Despite Carson’s incompetence, deceptions and other flaws, it is absurd to hold her responsible for all malaria deaths since DDT was banned. Malaria was removed from the USA, Europe and Panama WITHOUT the use of DDT. These areas remain malaria free WITHOUT the use of DDT. Clearly you don’t have to use DDT to control malaria. DDT is incredibly effective but it is NOT the only choice. Claiming that Carson is responsible for malaria deaths in African is nothing but FUD. Promoting junk science is inappropriate for a website dedicated to pointing out the scientific deceptions of others.

    Carson’s work may be despicable. No matter what you say about her, she will remain the patron saint of the greenies. The continued rants about Carson on this website are just pissing in the wind… At best, preaching to the choir.

    • Jake, DDT is vector control for mosquitos. Malaria is just the most virulent of the mosquito-borne diseases. For us here in South Texas, think West Nile virus. Every year it claims a dozen or so in just the Houston area alone.

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