Technology Introductions in the Context of Decarbonization

Commenter profitup10 recommended a note from the Global Warming Policy Foundation on the introduction of new technologies by Professor Michael J. Kelly. Professor Kelly’s article on the history or energy technology introductions and our new push for decarbonizing the global economy contains a number of points we all need to consider in this headlong rush to save the planet and control the climate.  Professor Kelly makes no real point over whether the decarbonization meme is valid or invalid, but the rush to introduce decarbonizing technologies by government mandate has inherent problems.  Among his points are that technologies move at a pace the public accepts or technology permits and can’t really be rushed by government fiat.  For example, the steam engine took a couple of decades to end use of windpower in the UK.  Fusion power has been an unrealized technological dream for 60 years.  The current “carbonless” technologies being pushed survive only through subsidies and will not be a significant part of the energy mix for quite some time.

It’s well worth taking a few minutes to read this article.


3 responses to “Technology Introductions in the Context of Decarbonization

  1. I have other source in Europe if anyone is interested. .

  2. I think we all should take a better look at renewable energy sources, this is a forever changing area.

    • luisadownunder

      There is nothing wrong with renewable energy sources, per se.
      It becomes a burden on all in society when these “renewables” can only function with massive taxpayer subsidies, to not only be implemented, but required ad infinitum and their continued operation is only guaranteed with these enormous injections of taxpayer funds.
      This is socialism. This has nothing to do with changing technologies.
      Technology does not prosper when the only incentive is massive taxpayer subsidies.
      It hasn’t in the past. It isn’t in the present. It won’t in the future.

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