The game pundits play with the IPCC reports.

The Canadian Free Press dissects Joe Romm’s (and the IPCC’s) economic effects of GHG reductions and taxes that will stabilize atmospheric CO2 levels and control temperature rise.  Joe Romm takes part of the IPCC chart and says “see how little it will cost.”  The CFP looks at all the charts and finds a much bigger drop in consumption.  Supposedly if we start right now and decrease CO2 emissions (i won’t say carbon, it’s misleading), we can stabilize atmospheric CO2 and keep the temperature rise below 2°C by 2100.

First you have to believe that CO2 is the only global temperature driver and these very sage persons know precisely how to control the climate by controlling CO2.  Then you have to believe they can do it and you will not even notice the cost.    After all,  their predictive ability has been so good so far, right?  If you buy all that, I’ll make you a real deal on some coastal property.

One response to “The game pundits play with the IPCC reports.

  1. James W. Everts

    Bob, your stance does have support in the GOP. By two (2) Republican candidates. That’s a lot!!

    “The Huffington Post reviewed the campaign websites of every Republican candidate running for Senate in the 31 states where elections are being held. Of those: Two directly questioned whether global warming is actually happening;”

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