I thought nature was being decimated by human activity

So new species are identified. Zatso?


3 responses to “I thought nature was being decimated by human activity

  1. We must have balance!
    Some of the “old” species must go!

  2. James W. Everts

    John1282, are you really that dumb or are you just having fun with us? Of course you know that a new species for science is not a new species in existence. Those recently described species have been there for over 100,000 years. We just never found them before. Such as the four species of spiders and wasps that have been named after me because I happened to catch them. I did not create them, John. I just found them and someone else gave them my name: “evertsi”. So there is nothing new, but at the same time species are disappearing every day. And this is real disappearance. Gone away forever. Because where man settles species have to leave. You see, it’s not that difficult.

  3. Gotta have some fun and you know this species thing has become so silly. I actually can’t believe sometimes how stupid journalists are–they don’t even have common sense. I couldn’t make some of these things up.

    And all the talk about a little change in temperature will cause such havoc when the diurnal temperature range for most places is more than 10 degrees.

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