Summary of renewable energy subsidies by state.

Renewable energy subsidies cost taxpayers and consumers.  Now there is a tool to look at the programs available for each state.

James H. Rust, Heartland, reports on the renewable subsidy world.  The renewable industry is so lucrative there is a tax seminar to help the players navigate the system. There have been $153 billion in renewable energy subsidies since 1973.  California has the highest renewable portfolio in the US along with the highest consumer electricity rate, $0.1618/kWh versus a national average of $0.1088/kWh.  A state-by-state listing of renewable energy subsidies can be found in DSIRE. , published by the Department of Energy and the N. C. Solar Center.  Your tax dollars at work to make sure everyone knows about the free government money for renewables, they even have their own Lesko.

One response to “Summary of renewable energy subsidies by state.

  1. I wonder about that CA rate. In San Diego 16 cents is my baseline rate. When I go over baseline it jumps to 26 cents per kWh. My guess is average cost in San Diego area is closer to 21 cents.

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