James O’Keefe is a superhero–again.

This James O’Keefe, who does the video sting stuff for Breitbart News so well, catches a bunch of Hollywood people lying and cheating.

You mean the lefty Hollywood people would cheat for money, lie for their concept of justice?

SHUUURE they would. Lying for lefty preferences is a way of life for the left.

O’Keefe for president!!!! The legacy of Breitbart. I am misty eyed.


3 responses to “James O’Keefe is a superhero–again.

  1. It’s quite telling that the ‘glitterista’ are so fervent in their pagan beliefs to engage with a fake oil sheikh … so OBVIOUSLY fake, but they persisted none the less.

  2. Too bad he only caught a couple of “B” listers.

  3. Just goes to show that Hollywood’s predominant leftists (and apparently their friends in enviro activism non-profits) see no problem with doing Whatever. It. Takes. to penalize/eliminate those evil evil American energy corporations……even signing on the dotted line and conspiring with foreign oil interests. Machiavelli had nothing on these self-styled saints of humanity.

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