Fracking Comes to North Carolina

Maybe.  The North Carolina Senate voted 33-13 in favor of fracking. 

The Republican-dominated Senate voted to end the long-term ban on horizontal drilling.  The main reason was to stop “standing on the sidelines while other states” reaped the economic benefits.  From the Raleigh News and Observer.

2 responses to “Fracking Comes to North Carolina

  1. I applaud the vote, the real question does North Carolina have any drill-able shale?

    • That was the reasoning against the vote posted by several nitwits posting to the article. (But there are only 6 years of shale in the state – not worth it.) I say – pass the law and let the oil companies figure it out. US government surveys are notoriously low. When I was in Middle School some 30 years ago we learned there was only 20 billion barrels left in the USA – 100 billion barrels later and we are setting new production highs.

      In other words, there may be much more gas and possibly oil than any government official thinks.

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