Rape BS is like previous hysterical epidemics–like Satanic Ritual Abuse

So, most of you don’t know about Satanic Ritual Abuse.

Pay attention.

Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA for cognoscenti) was a BS hysterical epidemic promoted about 20 years ago.

Kids were supposedly subjected to strange rituals that were sexual and abusive in nature in secret places.

Very much like another hysterical epidemic that related to recovered memories of sexual abuse.

Nonsense, created by perverted “therapists” and promoted by internet/cultish/wierd elements. The idea was that kids were being abducted by evil groups and subjected to wierd and evil ceremonial ritual things that included perverted sex practices and abuse/sacrifice of animals and such.

Here is a fine essay below that borrows into the material to show that campus RAPE programs are another cultish nonsense promoted by hysterical epidemic charlatans.

As for the Satanic Ritual Abuse myths, assume I am correct–ain’t happenin’.

You want to know more about Hysterical Epidemics, read Hystories by Elaine Showalter–a wonderful book about how people get goofy and convince themselves of their sicknesses and dysfunctions. Helps to have an equally committed therapist.


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