Vermont goes backward on GM

Now this journalist calls it Genetically Engineered, but the panic is the same.

And just as stupid. Count on the greenies of Vermont.

Problem is what do companies do for a little state’s law, and does Vermont get to set the standard by its aggressive approach?

One response to “Vermont goes backward on GM

  1. They never tell you how this affects the small producers.
    They tried something similar in the People’s Republik of Kalifornia and it would require anyone selling vegetables or fruit to submit samples to labs in order to remain certified non-GMO.
    You know the government won’t be paying the lab fees or reimbursing producers for their time and trouble.
    So, once again, something that is only a tiny sting to the large operations will help increase the failure of small. local producers.
    But the people who pass these stupid laws swear they are for “the little guy”.
    That’s just a bunch of fertilizer.

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