Nick Wade loses a postion with the lefty NYT when he suggests genetic explanations.

You know, if you paid attention, that I saw the splash from the Nicholas Wade book.

I didn’t agree with all his assertions. However I saw that he was trying to figure out what I would call recent “evolutionary” developments that I would call mere adaptation and reponse, not real evolution.

Political Correctness has now resulted in his pink slip?

My My, so anxious and intolerant, the NYT.

Here’s our discussion on I thought he was off on some assertions, but I really thought that would be enough. Of course I was just expressing an opinion, and I am not some elitist censor.

One response to “Nick Wade loses a postion with the lefty NYT when he suggests genetic explanations.

  1. Wade has been pointing out empirical and demonstrable facts his entire career. Unfortunately, the un-science crowd that ‘learns’ only from rhetoric and not from logic, is incapable of apprehending a fact without an immediate emotional reaction, crystallized into a judgement.
    Any second-year biology student should know that a genetic difference is merely a difference. It is the consequences of that difference in the context of the physical and social environments that determine whether the difference is a survival asset (i.e. “good”) or a detriment (i.e. “bad”).
    Hemophilia is advantageous (“good”) for a life form that has a higher risk of dying (before reproducing) from a stroke than from blood loss.
    Only a fool would say African and European humans are not different. Only a bigot would say one is better than the other without qualification.
    Bottom line: A racist is someone who thinks somebody else’s race is important.

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