Mischa discusses Organic and Natural and such

Some people know more than I do–I know, you can’t believe that such a thing.

But here is another extraordinary comment that proves the point–from Mischa Popoff, who is really into organic, kinda like I’m into barbeeque.

Who knows who will live longer, but did you know that from an actuarial point of view being older predicts a longer life?

Dear John:

Dr. Lanita Witt, an “organic” farmer in Oregon, and Senator David Zuckerman, an “organic” farmer and state legislator from Vermont, are pretending GMOs pose a threat to organic farms and the very health of the American public. They’re both lying.

Have a look at my latest article on The Daily Caller:

If there was any chance that GMOs might put organic farmers like Wit and Zuckerman at risk, why didn’t organic stakeholders like Wit and Zuckerman say so in their standards for organic production?

Please also have a look at this other article on The Daily Caller that explains why GMO labeling is a very bad idea:

Please feel free to repost. I look forward to your honest feedback.

Mischa Popoff, B.A. (Hons.) U. of S.
Former USDA contract organic inspector
Author of Is it Organic? The inside story of the organic industry
Some people won’t like this book, but you will
Policy Advisor for The Heartland Institute
Greenville TX USA

Thanks Mischa.

2 responses to “Mischa discusses Organic and Natural and such

  1. A plant-nutrition expert told me 45 years ago when I was chief chemist for his soil-testing lab that there is no such thing as an ‘organic’ crop….
    You can spread cow dung on your garden until the cows come home, but until the soil bacteria have digested the organic material and released inorganic salts into the soil…..Nitrates, phosphates etc. of sodium, potassium, calcium etc. [what the ‘organic growers’ call ‘Chemical muck’] the plants cannot assimilate or make any use whatever of the so-called ‘organic fertilizer’……..
    The guru also explained that a gene is a gene; there is no such thing as a ‘plant gene’ or an ‘animal gene’…………

  2. The “organic” food consumers are true believers. The incantation of “natural, pesticide free and chemical free” is used without any thought as to what it means and always with the assumption that “organic” means safer. Actually, the only thing it seems to mean is a marketing gimmick that lets them sell the same nutrition at higher prices. I spent last week with two very intelligent people who are all in for “organic” food. They can afford to pay the difference. The organic industry has faithful buyers, but need to keep up the contamination mythology to keep up their price. Me, I’m too cheap to pay twice as much for organic lettuce and 60 years ago I had to feed and keep the organic, cage free egg producers. Seemed like a lot of work at the time.

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