Lessons in propaganda from Selwyn Duke

I am fascinated by Selwyn Duke–he is a professional tennis player who writes cogently and lucidly, prolifically for mostly American Thinker.

Here Selwyn, who is no wallflower, goes after it and exposes the crazy left.


One response to “Lessons in propaganda from Selwyn Duke

  1. Selwyn’s column goes along with something I have been noticing. Our Ruling Class in America has been deliberately egging on our emotional attachment to various ideas, with the express goal of separating Americans into warring factions. This has been done rather cleverly with simple slogans which appear to mean something, and can be repeated over and over, until they drown out all logical thought. “We just want respect”, which implies that someone is not getting respect right now, and it is unreasonable of anyone to withhold that respect. Substitute other words for respect, apply it to a different demographic, and you have the beginnings of class (or gender, or race) warfare.

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