Fracking nutcases push on

What has to happen to stop these busybodies who would stop everything so they can retreat to some time in the past.

I have no evidence before me that shows that fracking is a dangerous activity that must be stopped, but some people who clearly don’t live in the modern world, would like to impose their sense of right living on the rest of us–don’t pursue progress and energy production. Get a horse and a hoe and be happy.

3 responses to “Fracking nutcases push on

  1. Proprietary information will be kept secured by the government?
    Like the private information various government agencies handed over to environMENTALists?

  2. Liberalism is a mental disorder.

  3. IF fracking were dangerous they wouldn’t be doing it in ND. When there is an accident or spill involving any potential contaminant, especially petro, (and we have them because the EPA won’t let pipelines be built but I digress… ) the majority of the local reporting is about containment, decontamination and remediation. Recently there was a crude truck that overturned and spilled near a stream. Four column inched in the local paper, last paragraph mentioned the driver was killed

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