We lose again in court on EPA air pollution junk science

Here comes another industry lawyer screw up.

For your information, there is a way to challenge the EPA on small particulate, fine particulate, 2.5 micron size air pollution, described in this article as soot.

It’s about bad epidemiology and toxicology and the Dunn Milloy portfolio is extensive.

Guess what happens when these 400 dollar an hour lawyers take up the case for industry?

Well they charge their usual and customary fees and then do their usual stupid arguments about process, and property rights and cost/benefits.

And then the EPA says–well we’re saving hundreds of thousands of lives–really for real.

And the billing are forwarded and the National Association of manufacturers is suckered again by lawyers who don’t have a clue how to challenge the EPA.


So, for starters, if these jackass silk stocking lawyers were serious they would review the posts put up by Dunn and Milloy on EPA epidemiology and human exposure experiments.


Damn they are incurably stupid. And still making a lot of money from equally stupid industry, political and business interests.

5 responses to “We lose again in court on EPA air pollution junk science

  1. Maybe they are just helping their fellow sharks to some free chum.

  2. It must be considered that the lawyer screw ups are deliberate … ?

  3. I wouldn’t be surprised if the NAM somehow gains from all this. Think, “cooperative lawsuits” (maybe it’s another term). Just sayin”.

  4. What makes you think they want to win. If they keep the game unattractive and unprofitable for new comers they can have such a high or damn near impossible barrier to entry and then grease the skids on the back side.

  5. And all the while they are rigging the game and setting court precident which becomes very hard to challenge to boot.

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