E85 Economy

Based on an unscientific survey of pump prices, the annual cost of E85 versus E10 fuel for a 2013 Dodge Ram is 1.33% more.

The EPA combined fuel efficiency is 16 MPG for gasoline and 11 MPG for E85.  That’s a ratio of 1.45:1.  Pump prices were $3.67/gal for gasoline (E10) and $3.29/gal for E85.  That makes the cost of fuel 1.33% more for E85.  Sounds like a great deal.  At 10k miles per year, the additional fuel cost for E85 is $750.  I pass.

7 responses to “E85 Economy

  1. Just curious here, but if 5% more ethanol in fuel drops your average by 4miles per gallon, does that mean that in general you are losing 8 miles per gallon to have 10% ethanol in your gas? In other words, on pure gasoline, wouldn’t a Dodge Ram get 24 miles per gallon?

    • 10% versus 85% ethanol. Assuming it works entirely on heat content, and using higher heating values: Gasoline is 116,090 Btu/gal and ethanol is 76,330 Btu/gal. Assuming a linear response, it estimates 20.4 mpg. I doubt the curve is linear. YMMV

  2. We got out first ethanol free gas pump at the local Sunoco in my small town. I’m somewhat anxious to see the difference between pure gasoline and 10% ethanol gasoline in my 370Z.

  3. E10 gives me 10% lower mpg. It is an octane additive, at best, but mostly just an inert filler.

  4. So ethanol makes vehicles less efficient, on top of being corrosive to engines? Wow what a great product.

  5. Check it out. For most cars, not only are the miles per gallon considerably less with 10% ethenol added to gasoline, the amount of actual gasoline that is being burned per mile is more just to “burn-off” the ethenol. As a motor fuel, ethenol is worse than dead weight that is being produced, distributed and transported around. Some of the gasoline with which it is being mixed is apparently being used as an “igniter” to burn the ethenol and the ethenol is apparently functioning as a heat sink that facilitates blowing gasoline derived heat energy (potential?) out through the exhaust system.

  6. I knew ethanol was bad years ago…why all of a sudden you hear it now?

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