Another Electric Car goes poof

Another electric care debacle.

Millions for nothin’.

Besides, you got to plug the damn things in and at the other end of the line is a power plant.

Not a gerbil on a wheel, not magic, certainly not solar or wind reliably–something that really generates electricity when you need it.

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4 responses to “Another Electric Car goes poof

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  2. Charles Gassenheimer got big bucks from Ener1, an Obama backed green company. Ener1 went bust. Charles Gassenheimer then became CEO of Smith Electric. Charles got big bucks from Smith.

    Gassenheimer finds the electric car business to be quite good.

  3. Unfortunately not for his clients.

  4. The debacles continue:

    The new Cadillac Cimarron ELR, the $75,995 upgraded Chevy Volt, has been on sale for 5 months. At current sales volume, dealer inventory is TWO YEARS.

    The United States of America gives anyone who buys the 76 thousand dollar car $5,000. It would seem by definition that only a rich person could buy a 76k car, so the USA is giving rich people money.

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