Let’s do ‘rithmatic on the unemployment stats

I am sick that I have to make this comment, considering there should be conservative commentators way ahead of me.

This is BS, and the economy is in the tank and the currency is in the tank too.

Let’s understand that the oligarchs in the wall street crowd have figured out how to screw the people on the street and it involves collusion with the FED–that’s the people who control the interest rates and the money supply for anyone who was asleep the last 50 years.


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4 responses to “Let’s do ‘rithmatic on the unemployment stats

  1. Coach Springer

    The only thing I can come up with is that a lot of people “retired.” Is that good? Not if boomers are in as much debt as the rest of the nation and live as long as expected. Not that boomers would act selfishly and unrealistically. Noting these dismal facts so late after the recession ended in 2009 and the dismal underperformance of the recovery in spite of the bureaucrats, The next downturn could make us long for the good old days of Obama. And it will be his transformative fault.

    So, without Texas, how would GDP (0.1%) and unemployment look?

    • The data from the BLS shows that the labor force participation rate has droped for workers aged 54 and lower and gone up for workers aged 55 and higher. So people are putting off retirement and holding on to their jobs longer.

      • I suggest a refinement: ” people *with a work ethic* are putting off retirement and holding on to their jobs longer.”

  2. A lot of the Boomers are retiring to beat the Obamcare loss of employer sponsored insurance.

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