Another panic–ooooooh Lyme Disease caused by warming

First of all the study period hasn’t seen any warming–and it goes down hill from there.

These Canadian and IPCC clowns just hit my buttons. They pound the table on warming that now is climate change, pretending they find bad trends.

This latest nonsense is Lyme disease is coming–run for your lives after stocking up on adequate supplies of Labatt, Molson, or Moosehead Beer to wait out the crisis.

Here’s some stuff I learned from Paul Reiter, PhD, of the Pasteur Instute of Gay Paree. He is a mosquito and insect vector disease specialist with a particular interest in Dengue and Malaria, but Paul knows his vector diseases. I shared the podium with at two Heartland climate meetings since we both talk human health effects in the context of the catastrophic warming panic.

Paul is a wonderful and erudite man who knows his stuff and does field work, like looking in old tires and other places mosquitos like.

Ticks, mosquitos and fleas are ubiquitous and have a quite adaptable range. Fleas go where humans and other animals go for sure. Mosquitos have adaptation to cold that makes Minnesota and Canada mosquito country as much as West Texas, in fact worse.

Just like anopheles mosquitos, (vector for Malaria and other things) the night biter known from tropical Africa to high latitudes. For Example a late civilized world malaria outbreak was in St. Pete–not Florida, Russia.

And same for Aedes Egyptii the day biter that causes Dengue, Yellow, and West Nile.

Lyme is a relatively rare disease even in warm Texas, caused by a bacteria carried by the hard small tick Ixodes. Disease rates are related to reporting and other considerations. Starts with a target spreading erythema migrans and then goes to head, joints, heart and makes people weak and achey for sure.

Fleas are another vector of significant disease–for example one of the great scourges, plague and typhus, which is prison fever, very bad and lethal in a significant percentage. Typhus is not typhoid but a systemic terrible disease of the undernourished living in terrible hygiene situations, also bad in armies in the past, wiped a lot fo Napolean’s army out on their campaign in Russia, more deaths than the Russians caused.

Typhoid is different, water and hand mouth contamination bacterial intestinal.

So let’s start with is there a warming trend–well there was from the Little Ice Age, but it stalled.

So if there is an increase, a real increase in Lyme disease it doesn’t occur in a void or in an imaginary world of paused warming now called climate change.

If climate change is causing a change the range for the deer tick, call me on my personal phone, I want to know what climate change other than the change in carbon dioxide that makes the IPCC and the CRU and people like Michael Mann have delusions.

there are other serious criticisms of the theory that Canada is going to be invaded by Lyme disease, covered pretty well by Ms. Rayne.

One last thing, Paul Reiter tells the story that anopheles inhabits significant ranges of temperature on mountains and was obviously in St. Petersburg Russia.

I can attest to the fact that Minnesota, which 10,000 lakes and humidity but a lot of cold, still has plenty of mosquitos, and ticks and fleas.

2 responses to “Another panic–ooooooh Lyme Disease caused by warming

  1. Addit to the list at number watch
    Oops, already there from 2009

  2. It gets better. The Canadians recycled a Science Daily report of a Yale University study released in April of 2009 “The Season Of Ticks: Could Climate Change Worsen Lyme Disease?”

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