Some splaining to do

Some have complained, well why don’t you just stick to debunking bad science–that’s what does.

Don’t bore the socks off an old man, his feet may stink. I write about what I see and sometimes it’s just news. Sometimes it gets me going. When opportunities to debunk arise, i try to make ’em happen.

I am 43 years a physician now, 35 a a non practicing attorney–25 years of studying conservative economics, enviro, corrections, education, healthcare policy, psych and social issues. I am not an erudite scholar, but an opinionated student and I say what I think.

I also don’t worry too much about reactions or comments, except that sometimes i learn from he commenters. I like that.

So i talk about what I see–and I am not following the formula of for certain. Nobody can be Milloy, who has taught me so much.

Milloy is a special person, who tended this website for so many years but Greene and I are trying to do an acceptable line of comments and posts that might interest the readers and searchers.

If I disappoint readers and commenters, I will get over it.
Greeene never disappoints me–he has a unique experience and expertise on so many things.

I am not working on a career or advancement. I have 3 dogs, 3 horses, 50 acres, a wonderful wife and a life in he country. No particular ambitions.

I would like to stomp out stupidity, but I am stupid too, so that’s not going so well. I like the uncertainties of what I do and say and write–take your best shot is my motto.

And sometimes I am a little passionate and angry, occasionally I hope to be effectively polemical, sometimes even ranting a bit, but it is usually the product of tremendous frustration with things that are dumb, and the study of the political developments.

7 responses to “Some splaining to do

  1. I enjoy your chats. You don’t have to splain nuthin to me….LOL!

  2. If we didn’t appreciate it – we would unsubscribe – the fact that we are still here speaks volumes – for those who object, there are plenty of other sites you can annoy, all I can say is two little words and one of them is ‘off’

  3. Just carry on as usual. I disagree with a lot of what you write but your blog is always thought provoking.

  4. John Krivacic

    Please continue your present path. I enjoy the expanded viewpoints. Errors in politics, philosophy and other areas often carry over into making science plain junk.

  5. Go placidly amid the noise and haste, and let go of your neurosis, Dr. John.

  6. We read your posts and then read the comments-and learn from both.
    You provide a place for a wonderful free discussion of science and facts, without worrying about being called names like skeptic, denier and the like.
    Thank you.

  7. Well, that was nice.

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