Socioeconomics and life expectancy

There is a positive and significant correlation of socioeconomic status and life expectancy–you are not surprised?

Shouldn’t be, every epidemiological study that I see fails to properly account for socioeconomic status.

But when you are in full data dredge mode, it takes away your ticket to ride.

For example all the medical studies alleging racial disparities.

That’s just one flagrant example.

4 responses to “Socioeconomics and life expectancy

  1. The article doesn’t mention the education level of those with more money. Being more educated not only enables being able to make more money, but also, it makes you less likely to do something stupid that could get you killed. It’s just not fair, is it?

    The Libtards solution is not to raise the wealth of the poor, but to destroy wealth. Their interest is not in the poor, it is in the rich. The poor are just tools in their war.

    “Tax the rich, Feed the poor, Till there are no rich no more.” – Ten Years After 1971

  2. It is a given in these socioeconomic studies that a higher level of education and income, even a higher job status, bestows advanatages.

    For example even in an administrative state where want is not a real consideration, people with higher job status live longer.

    In America socio economics advantage endows an extra few years of life expectancy..

  3. I’d be surprised if there wasn’t. On the other hand, people are often shocked when a doctor dies of treatable disease, that really rich people also die of treatable diseases, etc. I had a friend who was troubled by an OB-GYN’s wife dying of breast cancer (and he died after a medical procedure) as “He was doctor”. Having more wealth and knowledge ups your chances for a longer life, but it in now way guarantees it.

    • Amen. My first wife, the Good One, was a bank branch manager when she died at 34.

      And my father lived to 90, which guarantees me NOTHING.

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