Renewable energy to the rescue?

Ukraine is seeking investments in renewable energy to reduce dependence on Russian gas. 

A Reuters article indicating that Ukraine is looking for renewable alternatives to Russian gas.  Typical of the news splashes, short on details and explanations.  “One biomass plant could replace 24,000 natural gas boilers EIRC officials said.”  Big biomass plant or little boilers and how does one make the switch?  How about LNG shipments?

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3 responses to “Renewable energy to the rescue?

  1. How about Ukrainian fracking? No idea if there are those kinds of reserves, but it makes sense to ask first. Well, that and coal and nuclear – hey, if iran can do it.

    • Ukraine will be back in Soviet hands very soon. As soon as Pootin’ sets up his Gleiwitz incident.

    • Done around 2010. Ukraine has reserves that are 4th in Europe, Shell and Chevron got licenses to work on them. But the region Shell was going to work in is now the most problematic one. And I’m afraid soon the troubles will be far worse.

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