Will EV’s help pollution in China?

MIT says it won’t do much for the environment.

In an article in the MIT Technology Review,Selling Teslas in China Won’t Do Much for the Environmentreports on research by Christopher Cherry, University of Tennessee, concluding that EV’s won’t do for the Chinese environment because 70% of China’s electricity comes from coal.  The increased electricity demand from the EV’s might increase pollution in rural areas where the coal plants are located.  Although the comparison between the US and China shows that our Zero Emissions Vehicles have lower emissions per mile, they still aren’t ZEV.  But didn’t we know that already?

The article doesn’t cover GHG’s associated with production and doesn’t mention pollution from battery production.

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One response to “Will EV’s help pollution in China?

  1. The modern High Capacity Battery is a chemical nightmare, and only good for a limited number of charges. Who has the money to spend $20,000 every 5 years for new batteries?

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