VA Supreme Court Rules For Mann

The Virginia Supreme Court ruled that Mann’s emails are exempt from FOIA because they are “research.”

4 responses to “VA Supreme Court Rules For Mann

  1. The door is now open.
    Any demands by the government for e-mails can be denied because it’s “research”.

    • Mmm, yes, provided you are a government-paid, government-approved, government-certified “scientist” AND that the government has made a judgement in your favor (concerns which are stated — with no legal weight whatsoever — in the concurring ruling). Everyone else can go hang, and possibly, will.

      Science may now officially be conducted in secret, and no one may require data or communications relevant to the so-called ‘findings’ to be produced. According to the Supreme Court of the ‘Commonwealth’ of Virginia, that is.

      Congratulations, Richmond: you are now officially a suburb of Washington D.C.

      • Great!
        If that won’t work, I guess I will have to go back to stocking up on torches; pitchforks; tar; feathers; rails and sturdy rope.
        I see a booming market coming.

  2. Not surprised by the decision. After all, secret research done in cooperation with a state institution is double extra authentic. Or should i say authoritative? If they’re not going to prove it, why should anyone listen?

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