more issues with antibacterial triclosan

The marketing to germophobes has led to an industry of “antibacterial soaps”, despite not a single bit of evidence that (in the cast majority of cases) they do any good whatsoever. And there’s plenty of reason to be wary of them. With a new problem just identified (at least in theory)…

[from Science News]
Triclosan aids nasal invasions by staph

The antimicrobial compound found in soaps and toothpaste may help infectious bacteria stick around…

Triclosan, an omnipresent antimicrobial compound found in products ranging from soaps and toothpaste to medical equipment, is already known to show up in people’s urine, serum and breast milk. It seeps in through ingestion or skin exposure. Now, researchers have found that it gets into snot, too. And in the schnoz, triclosan seems to help the disease-causing bacteria Staphylococcus aureus instead of killing the microbes.
Microbiologist Blaise Boles, of the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, and colleagues swabbed the noses of 90 adults and found that having triclosan-containing snot could double a person’s likelihood of carrying staph. The microbes may have adapted to triclosan, allowing them to remain steadfast in the nose.

3 responses to “more issues with antibacterial triclosan

  1. 90 subjects? One group had double the rate of the other? Small sample?

    • Yeah, they went from no chance to almost no chance.

      Any study that reports “double” without stating the actual should be immediately dismissed.

      “likelihood of carrying staph.” This is propaganda, too. One is left to assume that “carrying staph” is the same as contracting a staph infection. As far as we know, carrying staph is ubiquitous.

      These two insinuations are crap journalism, not science. The report is an embarrassment to Science News. Fire the editor.

      All that said, I still don’t like triclosan in hand soap. It serves no purpose; it is in there for marketing purposes, only. The purpose of soap is to REMOVE the germs. Whether they die down there in the sewer pipe has no relevance to washing your hands.

  2. Somehow, someway, I think I’ll not lose any sleep over this. I like liquid soap and if it has triclosan in it, big deal.

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