Tobacco as the next biofuel?

Is this under the what are they really smoking category? Research  on  tobacco cultivars (Virginia Gold and Havana) seems to indicate that by genetically modifying the plant to produce more starch and sugars and ferment it to ethanol. (Links are here and here.)  The idea is to densely plant the tobacco and mow it several times during the season for biomass to ferment.  My family were tobacco farmers and this idea is bit foreign to my experience, and likely any US tobacco operation.  First, it isn’t mowed, the leafs are picked.  Second, tobacco has a high demand for fertilizer.  The overall economics, not mentioned in the article, would bear deep review.

Another great idea like switch grass?  At least this one has the “advantage” of allowing two bootlegging outlets if it doesn’t fly as a fuel:  untaxed tobacco and untaxed alcohol.


One response to “Tobacco as the next biofuel?

  1. I only want my ethanol charcoal filtered and by the shot … not in my gas tank.

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