Cultural Clash Enviros v. Camel Drivers

I couldn’t resist this one when it popped up.

Environmental issues vary from place to place–in Qatar its about camels grazing in the open.

What a refreshing change from arguing about coal plant emissions.

Camel owners are reported to be flouting the law.–violations-detected

3 responses to “Cultural Clash Enviros v. Camel Drivers

  1. Enviros are resembling “The Man From La Mancha” more and more every day.

  2. Ages ago I worked for three years as consultant to the Ministry of Finance and lived in a house in the desert near the sea.

    I noticed a fenced area that was densely covered in xerophytic bushes about 2 meters (6 feet) high. I watched for weeks and never saw anyone watering the bushes.

    I still wonder if goats and camels were not grazed in deserts whether or not the deserts would be barren. We know that steppes can be turned into deserts by overgrazing, but would a place like Qatar be much greener without grazing?

    I never found out.

  3. Sorry meant to say Ministry of Finance in Oman.

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