Pinheads get Stupid

The leadership of Medicine is pathetically predictable–leftist because people in medical leadership are academic elites with the fatal conceit.

So here’s the internist’s college arguing for gun control.

Imagine that, they were in favor of Obamacare too.

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8 responses to “Pinheads get Stupid

  1. I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t get firearms advice from my family doctor anymore than I’d get medical advice from my gunsmith.

    The 32,000 numbers includes ~19,000 suicides by firearms and ~11,100 deaths by firearms assault (2011, ). So, I suppose we can conclude that if there were no firearms we’d have 19,000 fewer suicides.

    Statistics are wonderful things, they can mean about anything, like the number of deaths by medical misadventure.

  2. How can i even cover this in less than 10,000 words.

    First a quick search on patient safety studies at junk shows a great piece and links to other great pieces that show the claims of negligence deaths are inflated to prove up the case that American Medicine is terrible and we need government control.

    Then you might have see a couple of things I put up on the junk science claims about guns that have been foisted on us by people like
    Art Kellerman–a true junk scientist.

  3. Imagine you spent the last six years with your nose in books or in front of a computer screen, then you spend time in the places victims of gun crimes go to to get stitched up.
    That narrow view can make smart people believe stupid things.
    All the people NOT injured or killed because of the legal use of legal firearms are invisible to these idiot savants.

  4. The post-WWIi history of science in the West shows the effective use of ego-inflation to control the message.

    It is almost impossible to counter the government’s propaganda mill.

    As old falsehoods are revealed, new falsehoods are being distributed. The government propaganda machine is well funded!

    A recent paper revealed that “annual mean cloud nucleation rates may vary 6.8% over solar cycles, far more than the 1-2% change in global cloudiness required to change global temperature.”

    If true, that may explain how cosmic rays from the Sun’s pulsar core [1] control Earth’s climate.

    1. “A Journey to the core of the Sun,” – Chapter 2: Acceptance of Reality

  5. Coach Springer

    That’s 32,000 deaths related to illegal activities like assault and suicide? There ought to be a la… … oh. Anyone ever commit suicide with a pill, Dr.?

    I went to a VFW Hall over the weekend. A lot of NRA hats and T-shirts. My life was so not in danger from a gun.

  6. “The United States has the largest gun ownership rate in the world with 89 out of 100 people having guns. There are also approximately 270 million civilian firearms in the country.”

    Or, one could have usefully said there are “270 million firearms in a country of 310 million, meaning there are 89 guns for every 100 people.” I dunno, is it scarier that gun owners tend to own multiple — sometimes even a plethora of — guns? I mean, there’s your pillow gun, your shower gun, car gun, work gun, a couple in the gym locker, your gun for formal occasions, the zombie gu-, wait does an M4 with an M26/masterkey count as one gun or two?

    Personally, I don’t mind my doctor nagging me about gun violence if my gunsmith can advise me on the the best way to prevent with iatrogenic deaths.

  7. I like your attitude. People determine what a gun will be used for, won’t they?

  8. OMG! How much public money do these people get for stating the obvious?

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