IPCC Fatal Conceit Quite Incurable

Fatal Conceit is a delusion–delusions are misbegotten beliefs and ideas. IPCC is certifiably kooky

Right now solar and wind are not even real contributors across the world, and the technology can’t be tweaked to make them reliable.

Read what the IPCC spokespersons propose.

Also not the usual misrepresented pic of the energy plant–see the plumes, they are water vapor, not emissions of toxics. Note that they are gone within 2 hundred feet, where smoke would trail out for miles.

But it looks ominous doesn’t it, for the ignorant?

One more question–how can these clowns manage to convince themselves that they are smart enough to estimate the cost from now to 2050 to go to alternatives. And how is it they now have become the great friends of natural gas and says it’s OK for the near term. I know they will fight fracking and fossil fuels of any kind with every breath.


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One response to “IPCC Fatal Conceit Quite Incurable

  1. Yahoo! News had an article this weekend about the IPCC and there was a money quote in the article. Paraphrased “the report is neither pure science nor pure politics but a blend of both…” Kinda splains everything don’t it?

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