Dirty fuel

The media push following the Working Group 3 report is starting. 

The BBC says we need to get rid of dirty fuel.  By dirty fuel they mean fossil fuel.  And it is critical that we decarbonize electricity.  I didn’t read about a list of volunteers to do with out dirty fuel to set an example for the rest.  The IPCC and environmentalists seem to ignore the benefits of plentiful, low-cost energy.

One response to “Dirty fuel

  1. The media stories I have seen in the last week are absolute propaganda.
    Not even the slightest mention of dissent.
    Only dire warnings with no caveats.

    It’s like I have been saying.
    The media is the enemy to defeat.
    Without them providing a platform and a megaphone, the liars will have a really hard time keeping their hoax alive.

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