Bio-Energy Carbon Capture and Storage along with CCS, just the fairy dust to save us from impending climate doom? 

It’s hard to keep up with the rapidly changing climate jargon, BEECS is burning biomass for energy and replanting the biomass.  Add carbon capture and storage and we could pull CO2 out of the air.  The experts aren’t sure if this is a good or bad fairy tale and there may be some problem with the area required to supply the biomass.  But these are desperate times requiring desperate solutions, even from the fairy kingdom.

Is the propaganda coordinated


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2 responses to “BECCS?

  1. Paul Peterson MD

    Easy. Plant a tree…

  2. the whole business of biomass is tinkerbell magic–so burning organics produces what? CO2 and small particles, so what if it comes from “natural” renewables and creates the illusion of sustainability–it’s stupid and the energy produced is not as good or as efficient of the more concentrated forms or electron bonding–like in coal and fossil fuels or, heres a scary one–fission and fusion if we could harness it.

    i here the chinese are working on thorium and here in America we are imitating people of the 18th Century on the frontier, In Cities, even in those days they had jumped up to more concentrated forms of fuel from buring wood.

    The analysts say that Marx was actually a medievalist–looking to restore a version of feudalism with political oligarchs at the top, he was an maudlin sentimentalist and enviros are the same way–let’s go back to those halycon days of yore. Light the fire, I’ll plant the garden and chop some more wood and tidy up the privy. .

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