It’s about Water, in the West it’s Always about Water

Do you trust the Federal Government to do the right thing on property rights and Land use?

Consider the Missouri Floods, caused by the Corps of Engineers, on purpose, or the CA Delta.

Now we have a dispute about a ranch in arid Nevada.

But it’s close to a tributary to Lake Mead impoundment.

Surface water and deep water. Endangered Species Act as a weapon to stop industry, business, oil and agriculture.

Think about it–who do you trust. And do not DO NOT trust the media accounts.

4 responses to “It’s about Water, in the West it’s Always about Water

  1. Whiskeys’ for drinkin, waters’ for fightin.

  2. Duke Energy manages the Catawba River chain. The Army Corp of Engineers manages the Savannah River Chain. We had years of severe low levels in the Savannah Chain, with little trouble in the Catawba Chain at the same time.

    I was in Chamberlain, SD a few years ago. My guide cursed the Corp for their management of Lake Francis Case. It felt like home. The Corp manages by algorithms known only to them.

  3. How the f*** the feds (as opposed to those states) ended up with such absolute control of land in so many states, is a mystery (and appalling) to me. Any one?

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