Dr. C K talks about totalitarians

Charles Krauthammer makes a living expressing his opinions, so you might expect he would be a little sensitive about totalitarianism censorship and bullying.

He is a Jew and in a wheelchair, can’t do his job in a totalitarian state where intolerance reigns.

Ben Shapiro wrote a book titled Bullies that really hit me over the head. Ben is another smart jew, cum laude Harvard Law, Summa cum Laude UCLA. Youngest nationally syndicated columnist in the US at age 17.

Shapiro, Editor at Large for Breitbart news, legacy of one of the great advocates of full-throated debate and liberty, Andrew Breitbart, named what have become a serious factor in politics and the society, bullies of various kinds, anti religious, anti patriotic, green, socialist, anti capitalist, sex lifestyle, gender conflict, class envy bullies are everywhere.

Astroturfing is a phenomenon that is used to great effect by the left, they troll web sites, cobble together petitions, show up with rent a mobs, make their minority positions on things the only item for discussion in the media and chattering classes. The current left is very much committed to astroturf strategies that intimidate mild mannered businessmen and politicians.

Mostly they intimidate and bully–the targets are politicians, judges, the media–stifle liberty and freedom of expression, vilify the opposition–just like totalitarians have throughout history.

Krauthammer might be a little nervous about totalitarians–for good reason. The bullies hate and want to destroy any opposition.

They suffer the mental state of all True Believers–intolerance, and fanatic devotion to power and control–no room in their world for opposition, so what happens if the media accept the astroturf and bullying game?


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2 responses to “Dr. C K talks about totalitarians

  1. “They suffer the mental state of all True Believers–intolerance, and fanatic devotion to power and control–no room in their world for opposition…”

    If you just think about that statement for just a second you will come to realize that you just gave the general description of a cult member, and indeed that is what they are – libcultists. The libcult premise is that cult members – Simply by the Grace of being cult members – are more enlightened, wise and noble and therefore they MUST acquire and maintain absolute POWER in order to set the world right, a job that they and they alone can do. Given that as a core premise, libcultism regards anyone who opposes them – the most enlightened and infallible who have ever lived – As the very essence of evil. To oppose the cultist is (to the cultist) an act of savage ignorant hatred and must not be allowed to exist.

    THIS is what you are dealing with.

  2. good, Realist.

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