Junk Exonerations

I do some law enforcement activity as a medical officer for the local sheriff, and watch these “he was innocent” dramas.

There seems to be a soft spot in the hearts of libs for perps.

These dredged up prosecutions of people convicted of capital offenses, usually, always get plenty of media attention with people appearing to testify the convicted person is innocent and some DNA evidence from the scene that is exculpatory.

Sometimes when a conviction is based on eye witness who saw the crime and the perp, the advocacy crowd has an advantage because the witnesses are gone or dead or intimidated for the replay and the originally prosecutors are on to a new job.

It’s not ike you can make a living or benefit from being the witness to a crime or that lawyers and cops stay in the same job all their lives.

The DNA evidence thing is always interesting to me–considering that DNA evidence is so circumstatial in many of these revised prosecutions, and not always reliable.

Besides, except for semen in a rape case, we’re talking skin or other body sheds that only create a likely that one person was in a place. Unless you could vacuum up the scene of the crime, the sampling could be cherry pickin’ and spend a lot of time checking out every specimin, you don’t know, but sampling can create the sacred talisman–reasonable doubt.


Here’s a great story about a cheesy academic lawyer on a crusade to exonnerate a double murderer convicted with two eye witnesses. Politics in Chicago, Illinois, the most corrupt city and state in the US.

Spicing up the whole thing is the leftist conviction that capital punishment is inhumane, and crime is the product of environment–the deterministic approach to culpabiity–nobody’s guilty, they are all victims. Poverty causes crime–yadayada.

Funny how the great depression didn’t become a crime wave, isn’t it?

I thought this example but as a general rule when you hear some Dan Rather wannabee talking innocent convicted person, realize the story is being reframed, the prosecution as originally presented usually is not, because the witnesses and the prosecutors are not as enthusiastic and effective as the “innocence” advocates.

The perp is usually the perp, but my experience is that most inmates are not guilty, they were framed or they were just in the wrong place at the wrong time and not really the criminal who committed the crime.


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2 responses to “Junk Exonerations

  1. Wow, is there anything you can’t fix in Chicago? I thought the stage-show and movie was fiction – seems like it was documentary!

  2. Westchester Bill

    There were at least 42 cases of cummunity madness recently. The Sandusky scandal is a obvious replay of the phenonimum. What happens is that somebody thinks that child abuse is going on. Parents and others panic, beliving something is amiss. Police and prosecutors then haragn and lie to children until they get “the truth” from them.

    In the Sandusky case nobody reported actual molestation until Lina Kelly went after it. Penn State admitted that al least $60 million dollars of damage was done to 26 kids. But NODY noyiced at the time. Not one of the boys said that Jerry did strange things to them while the molestation was happening. But there is a ho-hum to the hiddeous behavior of our police and prosecutors. The Cental Park Jogger fiasco was shruged off. Why would well educated professionals fail to correctly handle facts and logic. Instead we get bizarer demonstations from people against the death penalty. The situation is quite depressing.

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