A New Army of Tourquemadas–Victor Davis Hanson

Victor Davis Hanson, classicist, military and agricultural historian, political commentator discusses a new inquisition by the left.

I would call it political bullying and savagery but the left will accept only victory. They are True Believer intolerant of anyone who might disagree. They believe conservatives or anyone who disagrees with their canon are evil and must be destroyed.

Here he talks about the new bullies, the enviro/green bullies, but he also discusses how bullying is now the style and the forte of the left and so there are sex and lifestyle bullies, class warfare bullies, anti patriot anti religious bullies, in fact if there is a political difference on anything the bullying nature of the left comes out.

What’s more important, they change the language and are successful in accusing their opponents of intolerance partially because they control the chattering class and the media. Thus the accusations fly even when they come from the mouths of the worst offenders.

You don’t agree with them–expect to be attacked, intimidated, destroyed if they can get it done.

Trouble is that conservatives are not temperamentally suited to this new Alinskyite fanatic warfare to the death, energized by envy and hate.


Victor may be too late. See how they savage their enemies and get away with it. Why would they be so successful in their vilification of the Tea Party, composed of well-behaved people concerned about excess government.

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4 responses to “A New Army of Tourquemadas–Victor Davis Hanson

  1. On other websites, I have found 5 different styles of attacks.
    1. Chanters. The marginally literate second year “studies” major that cannot formulate a coherent sentence. So they chant, “Bible thumper, Bible thumper.” or “Right wing nut, right wing nut”. or “stupid conservatard, stupid conservatard.” Some can post a picture of their middle finger, it shows their IQ.
    2. Cursers. They curse conservatives with every foul expletive in the book and some that aren’t. no facts or reason however. Usually they have a grotesque picture accompanying their replies.
    3. Repeaters. They have a one or two paragraph answer to everything which they repeat over and over. If anyone asks them a question, they dance around the subject and repeat, often for two or three pages.
    4. Big word bullies. They will throw out twenty five or thirty 10 or 11 letter adjectives with no connection or coherence. They will then say or imply: “You stupid right wingers don’t know what those words mean, do you?” Yes we know what they mean. But we also know that how they are supposed to be used. A little sense of grammar.
    5. Those few who actually present a coherent argument and some “facts”. You need to check their “facts” very closely however as more often than not, they are faulty.

    • What makes the world an interesting place is that the Left have no monopoly over these five types, nor are they alone in lacking the humilty to admit a mistake or mistaken opinion.

      The latter especially I have to guard myself against, whichever viewpoint I may be arguing. ^_^;;;

  2. Yes, I’m especially grieved by “conservatives” that will reply to another conservative that has agreed with them verbatim about 90% of what they have been posting. But this poster may make one statement, word or typo that this “conservative” disagrees with and instead of offering a “correction” or another opinion or reference on the subject, they will launch into a nasty ad hominem attack complete with all of the filthy curse words they can call up. The left will not do this and it leaves the impression “These people even hate each other.”

  3. Allen,
    Five facts post. Good post!
    Rich Kozlovich

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