Everyone hates Rich People–Right?

Yesterday I was working on a book review of Ben Shapiro’s book
Bullies and he reminded me of the many species of political bullies, including the class bully.

No, not the classroom bully, but the class envy bully, the marxist/hate the rich, hate the capitalist, hate the bourgeoisie bullies.

Here come the new republicans–they got to get on board, after all they are scared to death of the chattering class and the media.

Capitalism is doomed if people don’t fight back.

Free markets die in an adminstrative state that is full of the fatal conceit.

Stephen Moore and James Piereson opine–I agree.

Go ahead, all you closet marxist/socialists, get out your long knives.


One response to “Everyone hates Rich People–Right?

  1. I find so ironic that the left ire against the rich, the 1%ers but look who is on the top of the top. George Soros, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet top the list of the richest of the rich and they are lefties, each and all.

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