Game Set Match–Warmers lose

That’s what Mr. Moore says.

I would not disagree.

However, when 20 billion a year (US alone) is at stake for the grantees and agencies, an announcement by a writer from the UK Telegraph is not likely to stop the IPCC and their army of modelers and fakers. The climate change runaway train is still careening down the track trying to change world economics and attitudes.

May I snip a little of Mr. Moore’s review of Rupert Darwell’s new Book. The Age of Global Warming (Quartet)


The origins of warmism lie in a cocktail of ideas which includes anti-industrial nature worship, post-colonial guilt, a post-Enlightenment belief in scientists as a new priesthood of the truth, a hatred of population growth, a revulsion against the widespread increase in wealth and a belief in world government. It involves a fondness for predicting that energy supplies won’t last much longer (as early as 1909, the US National Conservation Commission reported to Congress that America’s natural gas would be gone in 25 years and its oil by the middle of the century), protest movements which involve dressing up and disappearing into woods (the Kindred of the Kibbo Kift, the Mosleyite Blackshirts who believed in reafforestation) and a dislike of the human race (The Club of Rome’s work Mankind at the Turning-Point said: “The world has cancer and the cancer is man.”).

These beliefs began to take organised, international, political form in the 1970s. One of the greatest problems, however, was that the ecologists’ attacks on economic growth were unwelcome to the nations they most idolised – the poor ones. The eternal Green paradox is that the concept of the simple, natural life appeals only to countries with tons of money. By a brilliant stroke, the founding fathers developed the concept of “sustainable development”. This meant that poor countries would not have to restrain their own growth, but could force restraint upon the rich ones. This formula was propagated at the first global environmental conference in Stockholm in 1972.

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2 responses to “Game Set Match–Warmers lose

  1. I was a hippie. Nowadays the assumption that Utopia was going to be achieved by everyone turning on, tuning in, and dropping out are not laughable. They are incomprehensible. Without the specific mood of the times they make no sense, even to the people that once believed in them.

    I can see this happening to global warming. It isn’t science. It isn’t even politics based on science. But which of us can put our hands on our hearts and say that we actually feel that, as an evident truth, rather than as an intellectual position?

    I think Charles Moore, and perhaps Rupert Darwell, are beginning to.

  2. along the same lines:
    “Aliens Cause Global Warming” – A lecture by Michael Crichton, Caltech Michelin Lecture January 17, 2003

    it’s actually an astute measure of the insanity in recent decades.

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