How green is your internet?

If you are curious you can get the rating from Greenpeas.  Treehugger has the report from Greenpeace, complete with rankings based on renewable, green energy percentage.  Apple gets a 100% rating and Amazon gets a 15% rating.  Ratings are based on energy by source and something called “transparency.”  Unless you own 100% of your electrical supply, you cannot say where the electrons that fire up your computer come from.  All sources, whether they be thought to be clean or “dirty” put electricity on the same grid, so when you connect to the internet you can’t say where those electrons come from.  Green energy is a great public relations and sales ploy.  You can buy green energy from sources so far away and so many nodes away you have about zero chance of getting one of those electrons, but you can pay extra for feeling good.  It also allows the enviros to squeeze companies a bit.  I don’t care how green my internet is, I see Amazon more than Apple, and my major desire is dependable and low cost energy supplies.

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One response to “How green is your internet?

  1. Greentards should not use computers, or electricity. That would be hypocritical.

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