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How green is your internet?

If you are curious you can get the rating from Greenpeas.  Continue reading

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Hypersexual Culture a Public Health Problem?

I would say–yeah and it’s not just because I’m Old.

Infantilizing sex, encouraging recreational sex, irresponsible sex, is a public health problem, but also a cultural problem that produces unhappy people.

Stable family based society is going the way of the Dodo Bird.

EPA Cheating on Epidemiology–Class in Session

I am like a broken record, but its an important tune.

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updated, was: Bad science, bad business, in Chili’s (restaurant chain) autism feelgoodism

update: Chili’s backed down. http://www.foxnews.com/leisure/2014/04/07/chili-cancel-fundraiser-for-anti-vaccine-charity/
earlier msg left below:
Courtesy of Forbes: It seems that Chili’s has gotten on the autism bandwagon/promotion. They’re announced they’ll “support the National Autism Association (NAA) by giving this group 10% of their take at the table on Monday, April 7.” Not a good idea… Continue reading

It’s OK to lie about climate change

“Information manipulation will have an instrumental value…which will enhance global welfare.” Continue reading

Green smear campaign?

Professor Richard Tol, co-lead author of the IPCC report economics chapter publicly disagreed with the overly alarmist projections in the summary for policymakers and is now getting heat from the greens. Continue reading

Bob McTeer is a Pretty Cool Banking Economics Guy

In an area of inquiry full of BS, McTeer is special.

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