Milloy slams Grasshopper, Common Rule is Inadequate to stop Guinea Pig studies.

In the recent past, I have waxed eloquent on why there is no way that the EPA can expose people to toxic, lethal or carcinogenic air pollution.

So here’s the deal, look back if you don’t know the story.

EPA relies on epidemiological studies that don’t prove dip. Small associations that don’t prove anything, no biologically plausible evidence.

But they are ambitious and arrogant–they start to play the scare game.

EPA decides to buff up their scare, so 2 plus decades ago they start human exposure experiments but the results are pretty dismal. They can’t show disease/death or even some plausible explanation for their big case against the air pollutants–ozone, volatile chemicals, carbon monoxide, nitrous oxide, sulfur dioxide, but then there’s SMALL PARTICLES, also called fine particles–small so the argument can be made–they get way down deep–got to be bad.

However, EPA is still short of evidence–as Richard Feynman would say, EVIDENCE.

So for 2 plus decades they have done human exposure experiments, and the project went right through the point where the propaganda machine for the EPA had proceeded to the point where they were releasing public information and testifying before congress on the projections from their weak epidemiological studies.

They claimed to have discovered that small particles, in particular, were killing hundreds of thousands.

But the human experiments, which had been pretty unproductive continued to grind on–hope springs eternal in the heart of the fanatic.

So here we are.

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2 responses to “Milloy slams Grasshopper, Common Rule is Inadequate to stop Guinea Pig studies.

  1. I don’t understand why no one can take Obama to the Hague for prosecution? Please explain who has to file charges for Nuremberg Code violations.

  2. Hank de Carbonel

    The EPA like the National Democrats alwys speak of the good things for the future. We however live in thre present which they destroy and our experience currently and historically show the methods they use. The Big Lie

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