BPA is safe, but Greenies need to be Scared

So some clown in Wisconsin writes up a bill to make sure that anxious mommies worried about the non existent hormone disruption can check labels to see if BPA is there.

Hormone disruption is seeing something beautiful or attractive in the opposite sex.

Hormone disruption for greenies is difficult to define.

BPA and other things have been asserted to disrupt hormones as another chemophobe project and decades of use and study haven’t produced any evidence of toxicity or hormone disruption. I have, however, noticed fewer real men except when I work at Fort Hood.

Can you imagine how good I feel to teach such a bunch of extraordinary people as Army physicians in training and work with the Active Duty faculty who are real men and women, willing to risk their lives for their country and fellow citizens? They use BPA laced bottles, but I don’t see any hormone disruption. I know guys who are smart and in shape, same with the women.

Wisconsin needs to nix this silly bill.


One response to “BPA is safe, but Greenies need to be Scared

  1. The cure for all these phobias of the E=GREEN is to take away grant science money from EPA, FDA, NSF HHS and the other alphabet agencies.


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