Conlicts of Interest

I get tired of hearing about conflicts of interest from people who have the biggest conflict of all–devotion to and dependence on government money.

Pharma–so evil so dangerous–but government grant money dwarfs pharma, and nobody worries about statist tyranny and intimidation with big gov money and power? How is it that Medical Schools allowed EPA human experimentation? MONEY.

How is it that all academic climate scientists with few, very few exceptions, are fanatically on the warmer side? MONEY.

3 responses to “Conlicts of Interest

  1. A year or so ago, the Pres made headlines after Exxon reported record profits-the most of any company in world history. He intoned that no corporation deserved to make that much money.
    He did not say that even if the feds took every single penny of Exxon’s profits, it would have run the federal government for less than one day.
    That gives you a relative idea of size of our federal government vs industry.

    • I remember that uproar. Its funny how he never mentioned the record income taxes (that helped lower the deficit) Exxon paid while his cronies at GE paid none. Nor did he mention that the percent profit (about 12%) was no better than either GE or Apple.

  2. In the words of the late Associate Director of the FBI, William Mark “Deep Throat” Felt, Sr., “Follow the money.”

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